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Welcome to Movement Science, a resource for health & fitness professionals who are looking to expand their practical skill set. We are Ricky Singh and Kameron Bazmi, university classmates and lifelong friends. Movement Science is a project we created in order to help showcase the skills and experiences of those professionals who have put great amounts of time and dedication carefully honing their abilities. Furthermore, our aim is to present evidence-based research and articles in the field of sports, musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation.


Movement Science includes the works of devoted professionals from various health disciplines. Kameron is training in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, gaining knowledge from experts and leaders in the field. After attending several continuing education seminars and networking with health professionals throughout North America, Ricky was impressed with how rapidly the health care profession is growing. Together, we have made it our mission to share their knowledge and experiences with others through Movement Science.


Staying in touch with Movement Science will allow you to gain access to the best and brightest in the field. This will benefit you by enhancing your knowledge and practical skill set, which in turn will make you a better health care professional. Whether you are taking on a professional role, an athlete who wants to enhance performance, or you are an individual looking to improve your fitness level, the Movement Science database will strengthen your understanding of movement, rehabilitation, and training.


Welcome to the Movement Science Community, we are excited to have you!


Ricky Singh, D.C, CSCS & Kameron Bazmi, M.D